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Dog Training

The Dogfather provides a variety of training classes with our in-house trainers Tia and Amelia.

They conduct professional training plans tailored around your dog's needs and environment.

Tia and Amelia offer a multitude of packages from Puppy classes, Pre-Puppy Visits and tailored packages that work alongside you and your dogs needs. These include workshops for adolescent dogs helping to improve loose lead walking and recall plus agility and scent work.

Labrador dog receiving treat


5 Week Puppy Training Classes - £220

Dog Training - One Off Session - £93.50

Dog Training - 4 Week Sessions - £349, saving £25

Dog Training - 5 Week Sessions - £472, saving £30

Dog Training - 6 Week Sessions - £551, saving £35

Beagle on a leash


Behavior Consultation - £165

Telephone Consultation 30 Minutes - £27.50

Telephone Consultation 60 Minutes - £55

Training Consultation & Observation - £165

Zoom Call Consultation - £60.50

Spaniel dog on a leash


Workshop - Loose Lead & Rocket Recall - £110

Workshop - Foundation Agility and Scent - £132

Shiba Inu sitting

Home Visits

Home Visit with bespoke Training - £104.50

Pre-Puppy Visit - £110

Residential Training 24Hr session - £110


"Tia is an extremely talented dog trainer, patient, firm and clearly loves dogs. She has done wonders with our Tibetan Terrier who has a mind of his own! We really look forward to our training sessions and always come away feeling a little more in control! "

- Marianna and Arthur

"Tia has been so helpful to us over the past few months giving us a lot of invaluable advice about so many topics ranging from sleep patterns, feeding to socialising alongside some excellent training for our cockapoo. Her techniques and lessons are so effective and we have really seen a positive effect in our puppy’s behaviour. We have had several compliments about how well behaved she is which great. Thank you Tia!"

- Dee and poppy

"Tia has been really fantastic at helping us deal with training and behavioural issues with our young working cocker spaniel. She is always completely understanding and has given us brilliantly effective and practical advice; her training techniques are clear, realistic and easy to put into practice. In particular, her advice and techniques for dealing with our dog's ball obsession has been so massively helpful and transformed her behaviour. Thank you!"

"Best wishes"

- Jane

Ellie with Morag (4 month old cockerpoo)

"I was feeling completely overwhelmed and struggling with a new Cokapoo puppy of 4 months. To the point I was looking to rehome her as I didn’t think things would improve.

Amelia was available to talk on the phone and she came to visit me and my dog at our house. She was professional and kind and available.

Amelia’s Key strengths:

  1. Works at pace of owner and dog.
  2. Compassionate and emotionally intelligent – makes owner feel supported and encouraged on the journey.
  3. Has lots of useful/helpful suggestions for improving dog/owner experience eg what treats/activities/speed to take things.
  4. Extensive knowledge of all the issues I brought to her including what to do when Morag wouldn’t walk out the door/whining when left alone/jumping up & biting at toddler/ older girls lifting dog up/school gate interaction.

I was thoroughly delighted with Amelia’s help and advice. Morag has become part of the family and we are making steady progress on many different issues. I have grown 100% in confidence as an owner and now have a strong bond with Morag."

- Ellie

Norman, 2 year old cockerpoo

"Amelia has been wonderful on walks with our cockapoo Norman. He can be very anxious and reactive, but Amelia has been very patient with him and taken things at a pace he is comfortable with in order to build his trust and confidence. He’s always so excited to see Amelia and now enjoys his walks rather than it being a trigger for his anxiety!"

- Ben, Norman's owner

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