Dog Training

The  Dogfather are proud to be able to offer various training classes with our very own in-house trainer Tia, who conducts professional training plans tailored around your dog's needs and environment.

Wether its recall, work on lead or a simple bad habit that needs to be addressed, Tia's wealth of knowledge can come and work through these.

We offer a multitude of packages from Puppy classes, Pre-Puppy Visits and tailored packages that work alongside you and your dogs needs.


Our in house trainer, Tia received her training through the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT). Her training included the following:


Covering the science of how dogs learn. Body language, principles of canine behavior, behavior modification and rehabilitation, behavior case studies, building group classes and consultations.


Puppy Foundations


Covering perfect foundations, stages and senses, the common pitfalls, important first exercises, common new owner issues, why puppies end up in rescue and how to avoid. Helping the nervous puppy, when is play and when is aggression.


Canine body language


Covering; empathy, environmental issues, observation, how to help the dog owner, what every dog trainer needs to know.


Practical instructor course


Covering coaching exercises, applying solid learning theory to practical teaching, planning classes, layout and dynamics.


5 Week Puppy Training Classes - £220

Dog Training - One Off Session - £93.50

Dog Training - 4 Week Sessions - £349, saving £25

Dog Training - 5 Week Sessions - £472, saving £30

Dog Training - 6 Week Sessions - £551, saving £35


Workshop - Loose Lead & Rocket Recall - £110

Workshop - Foundation Agility and Scent - £132



Behavior Consultation - 165£

Telephone Consultation 30 Minutes - £27.50

Telephone Consultation 60 Minutes - £55

Training Consultation & Observation - £165

Zoom Call Consultation - £60.50



Home Visit with bespoke Training - £104.50

Pre-Puppy Visit - £110

Residential Training 24Hr session - £110

or send us a MESSAGE to arrange