Dog Training


We can facilitate a wide range of training programmes for all your puppy/dog training needs with our inhouse trainer Tia.

Offering one to one training sessions as well as ‘residency boarding’ of a week or more of intensive training sessions.

Tia can teach your dog the basics during early learning, right through to tricks like walking backwards and tidying toys away (which can come in handy as assistance if you have young children to clear up after). If you want to teach your dog fantastic recall and manners like loose lead walking so that you can rest assured that you are always safe and in control, Tia can help you to achieve these goals.

Testimonials on Tia

"Tia has been really fantastic at helping us deal with training and  behavioural issues with our young working cocker spaniel. She is always completely understanding and has given us brilliantly effective and  practical advice; her training techniques are clear, realistic and easy  to put into practice. In particular, her advice and techniques for  dealing with our dog's ball obsession has been so massively helpful and  transformed her behaviour. Thank you!"

Jane Spedding (Livvy and Islay)

"Tia is an extremely talented dog trainer, patient, firm and clearly loves dogs. She has done wonders with our Tibetan Terrier who has a mind of his own! We really look forward to our training sessions and always come away feeling a little more in control!”

Marianna Weiner (Mabel and Arthur)

Positive Reinforcement


Tia’s training is all through the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Training). Their programmes focus on training based on the principles of positive reinforcement and the most up to date thinking in modern training techniques. The IMDT is the leading education provider for Dog Trainers and Behaviourists.

With specialised focus on the study of canine behaviour, behaviour modification and rehabilitation, the science of how dogs learn and group training. Tia has been training dogs her whole life, growing up with spaniels and old english sheep dogs.

Tia holds certifications from the IMDT in;

  • Perfect Puppy Foundation

Covering perfect foundations, stages and senses, the common pitfalls,important first exercises, common new owner issues, why puppies end up in rescue and how to avoid. Helping the nervous puppy , when is play and when is aggression.

    • Career as a dog trainer
  • Covering, empathy, environmental issues, observation, how to help the dog owner, what every dog trainer needs to know.

    • Practical instructor
    Covering coaching exercises, applying solid learning theory to practical teaching, planning classes, layout and dynamics.
  • The huge benefit of training at The Dogfather with Tia is that you get a package that has been tailored to you and your dog's specific needs. You will have an initial consultation session where tia conducts an observation and assessment of your requirements and gets you up and running with your programme. You can book single one off sessions, or book in packages of a number of sessions for a reduction in price.

    Tia can either provide the training for you at your own home (under the provision that you have a suitable area to conduct the training) or she can meet you at Wandsworth common. You will be able to discuss all the aspects of your needs prior to booking in your initial session to make sure that the programme is perfectly tailored for you.

    If you are interested in having a discussion with Tia about your training needs, and to receive more details along with package pricing please fill out the form below.

    Lae Monier

    We are also proud to work with dog trainer Lae Monier who holds a level 3 award in Dog Training. She has also taken courses in canine communication, canine nutrition, canine first aid and animal nursing and welfare. 

    In her own words: 

    "To me, dog training means to help the dog to live a happy and fulfilled life by going to the park, interacting with dogs and people, playing, having fun, enjoying life. I have had my share of "difficult" dogs, but they all have an instinct to do the things a normal dog does and the end of my training reflects just that. To give the dog and their parents the joy of living a happy and fulfilling life together."

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