Dog Training

Lae Monier

We are proud to work with dog trainer Lae Monier who holds a level 3 award in Dog Training. She has also taken courses in canine communication, canine nutrition, canine first aid and animal nursing and welfare. 

In her own words: 

"To me, dog training means to help the dog to live a happy and fulfilled life by going to the park, interacting with dogs and people, playing, having fun, enjoying life. I have had my share of "difficult" dogs, but they all have an instinct to do the things a normal dog does and the end of my training reflects just that. To give the dog and their parents the joy of living a happy and fulfilling life together."

A six week training course for puppies with Lae will cover: 

1. Puppy handling – paws, ears, teeth, eyes, grooming, sit

2. Down and stand

3. Stay / Wait

4. Recall and Leave

5. Loose Lead Heal Work

6. Nutrition, kong stuffing, dog body language

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