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There’s no need to feel guilty when you don’t have time to walk your dog – just call The Dogfather for a reliable, first-class service. The dogs are picked up every morning or lunchtime and driven to Richmond Park or Wimbledon Common for a ‘proper walk’ well away from busy roads. All dogs are walked off the lead unless you instruct us otherwise. We ramble across countryside taking a variety of different routes…past bracken and heather, through the undergrowth and long grass, along the river (the dogs LOVE this in the summer months....and it’s clean!), through the woods (perfect for squirrel chasing!). The dogs get an exciting and stimulating walk…and everyone’s happy.

Going the Extra Mile

We love seeing how much the dogs in our care enjoy their walks, which is why we go the extra mile(s). Walking for an hour means your dog will get a decent amount of exercise and plenty of social integration. Some dogs walk close by our side, others will be busy picking up scents in the grass and bushes (we’re watching you, spaniels!) and the rest will be playing with their friends, chasing one another and exploring the wild open space. We are ‘proper’ professional dog walkers and proud of it. We work in all conditions, come rain or shine. We love the snow as do the dogs!


Dogs are transported in the back of an air-conditioned saloon, estate or 4x4. The journey to and from the walk is part of the fun and they like to be able to look out of the windows and see what’s going on. We also like to be in close contact with our canine passengers so we can communicate with them during the journey. This is why we do not transport them inside crates in the back of a van. We have water on board at all times so they have plenty to drink. We also make sure we fill up water bowls for the dogs when we drop them back home. 

The Dogfather and team are insured by PBI (Pet Business Insurance); everyone’s Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)-checked (previously known as CRB) and trained as dog first aiders.

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A Personal Service

We care for each dog as an individual. We let our clients know where we have been walking and provide regular updates and feedback on outings with regular photos and videos posted on The Dogfather Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter, plus regular WhatsApp text updates. Please take a look to see for yourself how much fun our dogs have!

We walk between 4 and 6 dogs at a time. This is the ideal number to ensure safety and individual attention, as well as being a decent-sized pack with enough variety and stimulation for the dogs. We match dogs with suitable pack mates, ensuring that they get the most out of their walks. All the dogs quickly become very good friends and they really look forward to seeing each other every day. It is lovely to see!

Your dog will be supervised at all times and we make sure that dogs do not become too over-excited, or pick up bad habits.

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